Future Faculty Program

  • Recently, I joined the college’s Future Faculty Program that prepares the best graduate students in the college to become successful future research leaders and inspirational teachers. As part of this program, I am currently involved in co-teaching a core undergraduate course at the sophomore level where an established faculty supervises my teaching. This is arguably one of the most important and exhilarating challenges that I faced so far. This opportunity allowed me to go beyond what is typically expected from graduate students since (although supervised) I am completely responsible for teaching this nearly 240-headcount class. In addition to class lectures, I am also holding walk-in labs twice a week to help students clarify their doubts and tutor them in practice problems. The feedback, so for, has been very positive.


Computers and problem solving: class lecture
Computers and problem solving: regular lecture
Computers and problem solving: walk-in lab



  • So far, I tried to implement what I have learned from the Future Faculty Program to actively engage students in the learning process. The positive feedback received regarding my lecturing performance encouraged the department to further push the challenge by giving me the opportunity to teach another class in Spring 2016 but this time, without any mentor supervision!!!! I am looking forward to that 🙂