• I passed the qualifying exam and became a formal PhD student in Dr. Pradeep Sharma’s group.
  • I attended the ASME 2014 conference and got the Haythornthwaite Foundation Travel Grant.
  • I participated in the Science Engineering Fair event held at our university. During the event, I had the opportunity to meet with high schoolers and their caring families to promote the mechanical engineering program to them. As a woman in engineering, I proudly insisted on the increasingly important role women are playing in developing the community.
  • I attended the McMAT 2015 conference and won the NSF Travel Award for poster competition.
  • After completing the future faculty program, I was hand picked among many students to continue for practical training. Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, I am taking part in all aspects of teaching a core-undergraduate course that has 240 students.

  • I attended the SES 2015 conference and presented my work about the magneto-electric effects in biological cells.
  • I attended the ASME 2015 conference and presented my work related to non-local homogenization procedure to simplify the statistical mechanics analysis of realistic biological membranes.
  • I participated in the Women in Engineering Reception at the ASME, met many successful women engineers and shared my wonderful experience as a female engineer at UH.
  • I participated in the SWE-UH Girls in Engineering Day.