I was very fortunate to join Dr. Pradeep Sharma’s research group as a PhD student. I am doing cutting-edge research in the broadly defined area of biophysics. My research entails obtaining useful insights about the biological functions of cell membranes and elucidating the mechanisms underpinning key cellular processes.

The pursuit of a doctoral degree is a beautiful challenge. In addition to intelligence and discipline, it requires commitment, curiosity, passion and a strong involvement in the academic life. My participation in the latter has many facets. Besides research and working on collaborative projects, I strongly focus on attending scientific conferences, interact with fellow scientists and disseminate the outcomes of my research to the scientific community at large.

I am passionate about becoming a faculty. This is indeed my dream job. It combines nearly all my passions in life: scientific research, education, society change, mentoring other people, women emancipation among others. By being selected for the Future Faculty Program in our college, I am receiving a training to become a faculty—so there is strong institutional support for my aspirations.. Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, I am taking part in all aspects of teaching a core-undergraduate course that has 240 students.

My goal is to establish an independent research group that brings advanced biophysical research in my home country of Tunisia and creates an international impact. While this will involve publishing high quality papers and attending conferences, my particular emphasis will be on develop the next generation of North African female scientists that will be motivated to work on problems that have a lasting societal impact. I hope to make a significant and a positive impact on the Tunisian educational system by promoting the integration of new methods that I have learned in the US to attract female students into STEM fields.

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